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Five days in and 2012 isn't looking too bad so far. Four out of six of my graduate school applications are finished for the most part. There are two left but since they're both schools that I already did apps for, the main parts are already filled out. So really, the stress levels on that end are going down.

I think my RP drive is slowly coming back. It's 50/50 really, since I want to play... but I need a better layout to do so. I know others have had their drives completely killed, but I don't want to give up just yet. My new applications for certain games are done, so that's also a relief.

All in all I'm actually doing well! I have things I am really looking forward to, and hopefully soon.... I may be heading back to Cincinnati for a UC interview. But let's just wait and see, hm? :)

:\c Now I wanna sit back and read my Ao no Exorcist mangas.... probably gonna play some FFX later too. So close to the Jupiter Sigil!
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So! This will be my first official post on DW. It's so exciting!

Aaaanyways, hi everyone. I'm actually really liking the layout of this website.... after being on LJ for a whole decade, I have to say a fresh start is somewhat wonderful. With LJ now having ruined so many things for me, now including losing me a wonderful opportunity at Asgard, I am more than happy to build a new little nest here.

Hopefully this journal will continue into the next year, and when I get into graduate school. I want this to follow my exploits as I venture through my Master's degree.... if I get into a program and actually earn said Master's. Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

So that's all for now! Happy Holidays everyone!


May. 31st, 2011 10:41 pm
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Dammit Tales of the Abyss.... how do you have the ability to suck me back in after ALL this time? I haven't touched it in a year, I swear. Now I'm going through all my old Luke journals and wandering back around abyssdressing as I go for my seventh play through of the game? I think. Yeah, seventh.

Seriously self. But it's nice, I love this game more than anything else and now I remember why.
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I have graduated college. :| I am awesome.

B| Now mail my diploma already.

Also, hi everyone. Long time no see. How are you all?
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My parents always tried to teach me that people are basically good. Even if they act like idiots, they will at some point show you that they have a heart underneath it all, and they have the capacity to be a nice person.

My parents were wrong.

Most people are terrible. They act nice on the surface, you talk and laugh with them about things, and then you think you know them. You don't. Underneath, those people have absolutely no problem being obnoxious, hurtful, and downright mean. They don't care if they hurt your feelings, they only care that their opinion is heard. If it came down to it, they wouldn't help you if you truly needed it, you're just a convenience to them and they only stick around if they find you "entertaining."

And the worst part is if people like that are reading this, they don't even know or care that they're doing anything wrong. And they don't realize that I am slowly growing to hate them.
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Now love on me so I don't go insane. x]


Dec. 9th, 2009 04:42 pm
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We Welcome You to Cellular Theater. Please turn off all cell phones and remember.... flash photography is not allowed )

Warning: May contain images unsuitable for young audiences. Bad paint artwork may cause seizures, cardiac arrest, or severe laughter. Please consult a doctor if you are pregnant or nursing. :| Please note that all persons/cells portrayed in this play are fictitious and are not based on real and/or living people/cells (But they are). Also note that the cold virus actually causes the throat cells to swell and explode.... it does not eat them. >.>;

This performance is brought to you by: The KHUODF (Kris Hopped Up On DayQuil Foundation)
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Despite yesterday's weirdness, today's been pretty good. Though I still don't know how I did on my Physics test or my molecular quiz from Wednesday, I am trying not to worry about them and just hope for the best. The good part is that I got the schedule I wanted for next year, and it looks like the classes will be great. I can't wait to take Medical Microbiology and Virology. I'm sure I'll also like Molecular Bio lab and Organic Chemistry. All of thee will be wonderful stepping stones towards a genetic counseling career. My adviser told me that being a genetic counselor is hard, because you have to constantly give people bad news... but in the years he's known me, that he knows I have a strong enough heart to do it. It made me feel good. x]

Now the only thing bogging me down is facing Lauren on Wednesday. I went to her house yesterday and was really looking forward to hanging out with her, and instead the visit turned into a mission to save my soul. I'm a Christian, and I am proud of that, but I DON'T believe accepting Jesus as your personal savior is the only way to get to heaven. I never have and I never will, and her family is so convinced the Rapture is coming soon that they were almost forcing me to convert to their way of thinking. Noooo thank you, I'm sorry if you think I'm going to hell, but I don't even believe in hell at all. They made me watch "Left Behind", those Kirk Cameron movies about the Rapture, and how the world will just be horrible once the Anti Christ rises. Again, not something I believe in. They even gave me books to read... oh man, why didn't I just decline?

So I'll have to tell Lauren at some point that I just don't agree with her.... and then I know the pity storm will come since she failed to "save" me. But I won't lie to her, I just can't do that. :|
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-_- Sorry to just about everyone I was talking to last night. A thunderstorm showed up and decided to fuck around with my internet for a while before officially killing it.

I hate computer so much. :\ Now my Sims 2 games won't work, thanks to the fact that after my computer re-install... it's a piece of crap that can't do anything. Now I'll spend forever trying to find the component it's missing, and probably never find it.
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I got an A- in Biodiversity~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!! 8D x 1000

And now that I have talked to Dr. Shields, I also have an A in Human Anatomy. Mwhahahahahahahaha! x] *Squeaking like an idiot OMG*

Anyways, now that I have that out of the way and off my mind, I can focus on going home tomorrow. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY. Now I can play Final Fantasy 7 again, I have been on such a kick recently with it. And Cloud x Tifa has been nudging me to write some sort of fanfiction or something because OMG it's so cute and it won't leave me alone. FF7 OTP for the win, besides Rude x Tifa. That I get to write with Toki so I don't have to fic it out.

And since I'm in SUCH a wonderful mood right now:

Ask me a question about my roleplaying characters in context of the game. It can be any question, about relationships, history, plans, what they're doing right now, romance, what they want to do, their favorite comfort foods, anything. It just has to be about the character in game context. I will do my best to answer the question in as much detail as possible.

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I can post twice in one day if I wanna. D'x

Origami :D )

Oh Origami calendar... I love you.
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Hey, [ profile] iolites! I found this this morning! I dunno how to trade, but I'll try my best to figure it out if this is the one you wanted!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Click click. :D
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Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Darn you [ profile] iolites. xD They are just too cute! Click 'em 8D
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BRB. Going home. :)
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Anybody who played Persona 3 can help with this. You know that guy who is at the shrine on Sundays? The sick guy? When I talk to him, he says he lost his fountain pen! Where do I get it!? D8

I is dumb, but I can't find it. ;-;

Help please~?


Sep. 30th, 2007 05:33 pm
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Leave an ANONYMOUS comment with:
1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. One love note, but it does not have to be for me.
5. Lyrics to a song.
6. How old you are.
7. How long we've been friends.
8. And a hint to who you are.
9. After you do it for me, put it in your LJ and see who does it for you.

^^ Maybe you do? Plz? The Johnny icon gives you sad eyes.
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You know it's bad when I'm getting overwhelmed by school. This semester is the biggest waste of my time, now that I'm changing my major. But do I have a free pass? Nupe... I still have tons of work that really has no meaning to me at all.

It's not that I can't keep up... it's that I dont want to. At all. I get so lazy and unmotivated when there is a class I hate. For now, that is Public Speaking. I have to have my entire outline done by Monday with sources and all that. All I wanted was to go home this weekend and see my dad for his birthday. But now I'll be stuck doing research all week. Looovely. I just picked my topic yesterday... I'm still not quite sure what it even is. >|

I'll be okay. ^^ Eventually, I just have to actually do something. Which is the hardest part...
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Hahahahaha, oh Lord I hate myself. xD

This icons sucks, but I still love it.

And now time to go cause some problems >D.
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And Disgaea 2. Please. :D


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