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I got an A- in Biodiversity~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!! 8D x 1000

And now that I have talked to Dr. Shields, I also have an A in Human Anatomy. Mwhahahahahahahaha! x] *Squeaking like an idiot OMG*

Anyways, now that I have that out of the way and off my mind, I can focus on going home tomorrow. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY. Now I can play Final Fantasy 7 again, I have been on such a kick recently with it. And Cloud x Tifa has been nudging me to write some sort of fanfiction or something because OMG it's so cute and it won't leave me alone. FF7 OTP for the win, besides Rude x Tifa. That I get to write with Toki so I don't have to fic it out.

And since I'm in SUCH a wonderful mood right now:

Ask me a question about my roleplaying characters in context of the game. It can be any question, about relationships, history, plans, what they're doing right now, romance, what they want to do, their favorite comfort foods, anything. It just has to be about the character in game context. I will do my best to answer the question in as much detail as possible.

[ profile] luceti
Luke [ profile] wingedreplica
Chester [ profile] archerblue
Tifa [ profile] 7thheavensmile
Denzel [ profile] midgetedger
Capell [ profile] glyphless
Sam Winchester [ profile] inhisdebt

[ profile] hypnagogy
Flynn Scifo [ profile] catchuptome

[ profile] flowervillage
Tifa Lockheart [ profile] angelicfists

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Aaah, congrats on your A's! ♥

Can't say I have many questions for your rp kids since I don't really know them, but uh... Denzel? \o/ You've gotta tell me. Do you like haystacks?

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You mean you don't know? D: That's really, really sad. You should ask MJ to make them for you sometime.

They're like... chinese chow mein noodles dipped in butterscotch. But they're fantastically yummy and my trademark.

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I guess I could try it.

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Also, come play Tifa at Valhalla.

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Also forgot:

Capell, what would you do if Aya came along?

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Aya? Well, I'd be really happy to see her...

Unless she decided to smack me for leaving her behind.

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She probably would. Well, she might not, depending on the timeline.

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I could do that. :o

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Also, I told you the B wasn't going to be a big deal. Now it's not a B at all!

Can I give Capell a hug first?
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x] I know. Thanks hon.

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I don't mind a hug.

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Somehow I missed this.

...Okay. Luke, your thoughts on Tear. I swear this isn't just because I play her. Sam, caramel macchiato or iced mocha? Not exactly in the context of Luceti, but it's in the context of Sam, so I figured it worked. :x

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Tear? Tear is.... great. She's different than I remember, because she's from an earlier time than I am, but she still puts up with me and listens.

I'm really really grateful she's there for me.

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/inappropriately silly icon

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Probably an iced mocha.

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♥ Good choice, my boy.