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-_- Sorry to just about everyone I was talking to last night. A thunderstorm showed up and decided to fuck around with my internet for a while before officially killing it.

I hate computer so much. :\ Now my Sims 2 games won't work, thanks to the fact that after my computer re-install... it's a piece of crap that can't do anything. Now I'll spend forever trying to find the component it's missing, and probably never find it.

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Fff we were wondering where you disappeared to @_@

As for components are you missing the component for the game itself, or part of the computer's components?

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;; Stupid thunderstorm.

I think it's actually some computer components. DirectX 9.0c adapter or something...

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It's obviously very inconsiderate =\

Umm...I would suggest going to the microsoft site and searching there for the components to downloads me thinks. You're using XP right?

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That's right. I've been looking there, but the site is very unhelpful. --;

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Google might help too :o Idk, I've had to wipe and re-wipe XP several times but that's the best I can offer =(

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Thanks for the suggestions! I'll figure it out. :'D