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Hello, hello~ Don't know if you've seen me, but I've seen you floating around, first time was the Guy/Luke comm I believe.^^ You seem very nice and we have some matching interests, so I'm here for the friending.^^

On a side note I ADORE your banners, Guy/Luke's my current OTP you see~

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Added! 8D

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You know, I think I met you at Otakon '06. If I remember right, we talked about Star Ocean 3 a bit. You gave me your LJ name, but I didn't get to a computer until a week or two after the con, and I must've forgotten x_x

Anyway, I keep seeing you in the Abyss fandom. So I thought I'd friend you, if that's okay with you.

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You know, I think you're right. =D What a coincidnece, huh? It's cool to finally see eahc other again.

It's perfectly fine! Friend away, and I'll do it in return! :3

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May I add you~?

-is a major TotA fan, and Luke fangirl-


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Of course you may!!! ^^ I'll add you straight away!

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Hi 83...may added you ^w^? our interests are very similars *in special for Luke♥♥♥♥* and i think you are a really cute person =D

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Hello! *Waves* Of course, add away! I'll add you right back!

*Adores Luke* ;D Hee hee, that's great!

o///o I'm cute? Thank you!

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Thank you =D

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Hi *waves*. Would it be alright if we could be friends? We seem to have similar interests.

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Sure! Why not?

I'll friend you right away! :3

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Cool! *adds back*

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Haha. Hunting around for some Tales of Series fans to add to my tiny friends list

Adding 8D

Your icons are cute too =o
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How did I not see this?

Thanks, I'll add you right away! :'>

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Hey~. Um.

You commented to me on the Abyss friending meme that happened... last week? I kind of... ADD'd away from it right before you commented, and never really got around to commenting back to you.



Can I friend you?

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xD Lol, I love how you phrased that. ADD'd away from it. Hee hee.

Of course! Friend away! :3

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uwah, can I add you? I've seen you around but i never actually got around to say hi XD; *shyshyshy x)*

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Of course you can! :D It's the same for me... I saw you around but was too shy to ask. ^^;

♥ Yay new friends!

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sagadgah *sees her icon* ♥


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♥ I loooove your icons. So pretty.

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Hey, Kris! It's Lunare from Luceti. Mind if I add you? I've been meaning to ask for awhile, but never got around to it.
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also; super belated birthday present but finally finally I can give it to you -->

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You're alive! I'm so glad to see you! &hearts♥


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Hey! You with the face an the very convincing muse.

Friends? :D Casts seem to work better when the people in them at least kinda know each other I think... Not that I'm a castmate yet, but here's hoping right? Right?

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Haha, yes, I have both of those!

Sure, I'd love that! I'll friend you right away. And feel free to IM me at Isofonia any time. :'>

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I should hope so! Otherwise things'd get pretty awkward don't you think?

Awesome! I'll keep that in mind. ^^

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Hadn't seen you on AIM and you seem to have PMs to private, so I thought I'd try to catch you here . . . Just wanted to say whoo! for Takiko and offer myself for any questions if necessary. :)

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Ahhh, yes, I've been super busy with graduate school applications and work, so I've been absent from the internet in general! But I'm on AIM right now actually, at Isofonia!

I'd love to chat sometime, I'm still trying to decide on canon point for Takiko at the moment. But just for fun to talk and fangirl FY:GK, hit me up anytime!

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Obviously I missed you last night. ^^;; I'll try again later tonight for talking canon points and fangirling.