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Biologist of the Abyss ([personal profile] genetically) wrote2010-04-02 12:09 pm

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My parents always tried to teach me that people are basically good. Even if they act like idiots, they will at some point show you that they have a heart underneath it all, and they have the capacity to be a nice person.

My parents were wrong.

Most people are terrible. They act nice on the surface, you talk and laugh with them about things, and then you think you know them. You don't. Underneath, those people have absolutely no problem being obnoxious, hurtful, and downright mean. They don't care if they hurt your feelings, they only care that their opinion is heard. If it came down to it, they wouldn't help you if you truly needed it, you're just a convenience to them and they only stick around if they find you "entertaining."

And the worst part is if people like that are reading this, they don't even know or care that they're doing anything wrong. And they don't realize that I am slowly growing to hate them.