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Biologist of the Abyss ([personal profile] genetically) wrote2011-05-26 08:16 pm

*FF7 Victory Fanfare*

I have graduated college. :| I am awesome.

B| Now mail my diploma already.

Also, hi everyone. Long time no see. How are you all?

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Awesome, awesome! Congratulations. ♥ Long time no see, yes!

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Thank you! :'> Indeed, long time no see.

How are you?

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You're welcome! C: It's been so loooong.

I'm good, thanks. ♥

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I haven't seen you hangin' around on AIM, we should chat again sometime!

x'> Yay!

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We should! I'd love to chat with you again sometime soon. Now that school's drawing to a close by next week, I should be on more frequently as this one ends.


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HURRAY *hi5*

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WOO! o/*\o

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Congratulations, Kris! =D

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Thanks Meowzy! \o\ How's the apartment shenanigans going?

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My parents are gonna sign the contract this Tuesday. Then I'll need to wait a few more weeks for the woman who's still living there to pack her things and move out before I can get the keys. It's a really nice apartment, though! Two bedrooms and a huge living room!

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Oh awesome, I'm glad everything worked out! It sounds really nice, so I hope you enjoy it. :'>

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Thank yooou!

So, are you coming to Otakon this year?

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I'm not sure, actually. It falls RIGHT on my birthday weekend this year, and I'm not sure if mom and I are going to see "Wicked" that weekend or not.

If we won't be in NY, then I'm gonna go! x'3

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Oooh, yay! If you happen to go to NY the week beforehand, maybe I'll see you there too! My sister really wants to go see Wicked while we're there, too. That's from the 20th of July to the 25th, I believe.

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Congrats, bby! So happy for you!

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^w^ Aw, thanks! It took 5 years, but I made it.

How's it going?