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Dammit Tales of the Abyss.... how do you have the ability to suck me back in after ALL this time? I haven't touched it in a year, I swear. Now I'm going through all my old Luke journals and wandering back around abyssdressing as I go for my seventh play through of the game? I think. Yeah, seventh.

Seriously self. But it's nice, I love this game more than anything else and now I remember why.

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Hee <3 Reading this made me happy~
Are you planning to get the 3DS game then? AND, are you going to get the new Luke figure? > v >

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:'D Aww, well I'm glad I made you happy!

I am totally getting the 3DS game, simply so I have a pocket version of ToA to go with me wherever I do.

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Here and here~ :D

No pics yet though. :|a

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8D *CLICK CLICK* Thanks Sol~.

Booooooo. ;;

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I wish I could play Tales of the Abyss. But I has no PS2. CURSE YOU NAMCO.

Also I apologize I have to stare blankly at confusion at abyssdressing.

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D: I'm sowwy. One day, you should get one.

It's a little slice of chaos, but you gotta make your own fun.

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I think it's just because of the history behind abyss that makes me >_>

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I understand. But for me, history is history, so... *Flips history and keeps going*

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What's the Luke to girls ratio these days lol?

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70,000,000,000,000,000 : .09

I believe, after thorough calculations.

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This makes me sad because the women are the most amusing part of that game.
Next to Jade...and laughing at Dist.

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You think so? xD The girls are cool, but I always liked Luke reactions to everyone best.

Pffft.... Dist.

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Luke is a cool dude but I can only handle so much "snobby brat" and "redeemed derp" before it gets...boring from overload.