genetically: (Let's Go)
Biologist of the Abyss ([personal profile] genetically) wrote2011-12-23 08:11 pm

Entry the First

So! This will be my first official post on DW. It's so exciting!

Aaaanyways, hi everyone. I'm actually really liking the layout of this website.... after being on LJ for a whole decade, I have to say a fresh start is somewhat wonderful. With LJ now having ruined so many things for me, now including losing me a wonderful opportunity at Asgard, I am more than happy to build a new little nest here.

Hopefully this journal will continue into the next year, and when I get into graduate school. I want this to follow my exploits as I venture through my Master's degree.... if I get into a program and actually earn said Master's. Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

So that's all for now! Happy Holidays everyone!