genetically: (Please Don't Leave)
Biologist of the Abyss ([personal profile] genetically) wrote2007-09-19 12:29 pm

School days -_-

You know it's bad when I'm getting overwhelmed by school. This semester is the biggest waste of my time, now that I'm changing my major. But do I have a free pass? Nupe... I still have tons of work that really has no meaning to me at all.

It's not that I can't keep up... it's that I dont want to. At all. I get so lazy and unmotivated when there is a class I hate. For now, that is Public Speaking. I have to have my entire outline done by Monday with sources and all that. All I wanted was to go home this weekend and see my dad for his birthday. But now I'll be stuck doing research all week. Looovely. I just picked my topic yesterday... I'm still not quite sure what it even is. >|

I'll be okay. ^^ Eventually, I just have to actually do something. Which is the hardest part...

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