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Anybody who played Persona 3 can help with this. You know that guy who is at the shrine on Sundays? The sick guy? When I talk to him, he says he lost his fountain pen! Where do I get it!? D8

I is dumb, but I can't find it. ;-;

Help please~?

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Talk to Koromaru. =]

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Did you get him yet? (Koro-chan is a dog)

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Oh! Okay! I haven't gotten him yet, that's why.


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No problem. =]

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Everyone is so much further than me :( But yeah, you gotta find the dog. Or so I've heard.

I've already met Koro-maru and not the shrine dude though D:

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D: Well, tomorrow is my day off so I've been playing non-stop. But thanks for the help!

You'll get there!